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Thread: Audi 5000s half axles?

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    Audi 5000s half axles?

    I have LT-1 and Audi 5000s tranny.

    I need advice on how to have build or
    where to get half axles to connect
    Audi tranny to Fiero wheel hubs.

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    Re:Audi 5000s half axles?

    Look on

    They have everything you will need to make the conversion listed on that site.

    This information may help you as well:

    The Audi suffix 016 transaxle is the preferred transaxle for use in the GT40 replicas. The 016 boxes have the selector shaft on the left hand side, all other boxes have the shaft in line out of the back of the box. The 016 selector shaft has to be modified to extend out of the right hand side of the gearbox so as to link up with the right hand gear change linkage. The CV joints used on most (UK)GT40 replicas are from the Ford Granada and the output shafts on the Audi type 013 transaxle have mountings to suit. The Audi type 016 has output flanges to suit similar but slightly larger diameter CV joints which could be adapted for use with the smaller CV's if necessary or better still to use as standard with larger diameter drive shafts. Note that Audi 200 were later versions of this car and the 9000 range were again the same but the American version of the car.

    The standard Ford V6 flywheel commonly used on GT40 replicas will not fit into the bell housing on this transaxle. A special flywheel or extra thick adaptor plate will have to be used. The standard Audi flywheel would have too many fixing holes making the mounting unsafe if modified for use with the Ford V8.

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