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Thread: throtle body linkage

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    throtle body linkage

    Is there anyone that can help me with the idea of how to up together the throtle linkage for the bmw 750 v12. I have taken the drive by wire off and want to us cables. My thought is to use one cable to control one side and a linkage to control the second one. If anyone has accomplished this could you email some pics.

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    Take a look at a hanbrake configuration, should help with your query, cable manufacturers can make anything you need, if you're in the uk I'll post the manufacturer who made mine for another part of the car, they were very helpful and had time for a little purchase like mine.
    Actually Nick might be able to help, he'll be building up his v12 throttle bodies sometime soon

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    I'm installing a Haltech system on mine....

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    You could use the same system that jag v12s use. In the middle of the V is a wheel that is mounted on the tps. The throttle cable from the accelerator attachs to the wheel. the throttle bodoes attach to the top of the wheel by 2 rods, although i am replacing the rods with cables. Ded easy and simple set up
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    the picture above is of a stock setup with kick down cables, but in a kitcar, its all much simpler.

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