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Thread: fiero engine replacement, best route to to go?

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    fiero engine replacement, best route to to go?

    ok, so i got my fiero today, for the nice price of 300$. The only problem is, the motor is seized, and sat up for a while. Its total junk.

    Im going to pull it tomorrow, and go ahead and start my stretch.

    My question is, whats the best route to go? Its a stock 4cyl, and this is my first kit car. I really don't want to get bogged down and disheartened dealing with motor swap issues. Ide rather just put another running 4cyl in it for now. What other GM vehicles use the same motor, so when i start calling around looking for motors, i know what to ask for?

    I don't mind putting another motor in, as long as it will bolt in with very few mods. Will the v6 fit? does it bolt in? what about the ECU?

    Just a little about me. Im a metal fabricator/welder by trade, and a mini trucker. Ive built numerous bagged and body dropped trucks before, so i know the ropes about building cars, but motors have never been a strong point for me.

    The fiero is an 87, 4cyl, 5 speed.

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    Try to find an engine in a local junkyard. Being a 4 cylinder, there's no engine swap that doesn't require wiring and ECM changes. The v6 would bolt up, but the wiring is totally different. I'd say you have 3 options:

    1. replace the 4 cylinder - I don't think you'll be too satisfied with this in the long run.

    2. 3800 supercharged v6 - it will bolt right to your transmission, but you'll need new motor mounts, modified wiring harness and ecu. This is the route I'd reccommend - several people can do the harness for $400, and if you search for it, you can find people who make motor mounts.

    3. Small block chevy V8 - you'd need a swap kit, and you could go carbeurated to avoid wiring. The V8s get a lot of criticism, but with a kit, the swap's pretty easy. Actaully, I have a spare kit I'll probably never get around to using. Let me know if yr interested.

    I'd recommend going the 3800 SC route, or just buying a running stock V6 Fiero and using the 87 as a parts car. Seeing that you've never heard the car run, there might be more issues with the car than you're aware of. Good luck with it!

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    im not saying ill never swap it out, i just want something to put in it for now.

    I probobly won't stick with the 4cyl for long, but I just don't want to get involved in a complicated motor swap, and have to build an entire car around it.

    Thanks for the link Ill check it out.

    What other vehicles came with the iron duke motor?

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    Best bet is to talk to the guys on Pennocks Fiero Forum. I have gone throught he same thing ans decided on a 3800SC from an 02 Grand Prix GTP. The price of the swap vs rebuilding the stock 2.8 was a no brainer for me. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    As you can see, There are a lot of choices. The iron duke was used in many older GM cars and trucks. They used them a lot in S-10 pickups. My girlfriend just had her Iron Duke rebuilt for her pickup after over 350,000 miles and no oil leaks. It was found to have a bad piston. The lower end was hardly worn at all. They don’t have a whole lot of power but last forever.

    Many Fiero owners who had the stock 2.8 V6 did an upgrade to the 3.4 block. It’s basically the same as the 2.8 with a bigger bore.
    If you go with the V6 you will need to pick up the matching computer to go with it. If you have some local pick and pull junk yards around they often get Fiero’s. Or, check around Ebay. There is still lots of Fiero stuff around.

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