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Thread: Words kids use these days

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    Words kids use these days

    Hi i am a proud parent and sometimes i hear my kids say things and i have no clue what they mean
    the only things i know are:
    lol= laugh out loud
    FYI= for your information

    but i have no idea what LMAFO or something like that means
    can you guys help me make a list of some of the slang kids use these days
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    Lmfao - laughing my fucking ass off
    Lmao - laughing my ass off
    Rofl - rolling on the floor laughing
    Roflmao - rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
    Btw - by the way
    Thx - thanks

    Thats just some, if you want to know more, just ask

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    TY= thank you
    BBS= be back soon
    BIAB= back in a bit
    BRB= be right back
    YW= you're welcome
    FML= F@#$ my life
    WTF= what the F***?!?

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    your kids say those things?? Usually they are computer jargon not things that you would say verbally.

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