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Thread: Clutch slave cyl for 2.8 V 6 5 speed

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    Clutch slave cyl for 2.8 V 6 5 speed

    been through this before. i have a leaking slave cyl, and it does not appear to be stock. it is 1 inch OUTSIDE of the bore, and the bore to the flange is 5 inches long. standard INSIDE bore for the stock replacement is .94 inch. mine appears to be smaller inside bore, and a longer bore than stock. having to get this in Tucson when up next week (I live in Mexico),I am wondering how much the shorter, bigger inside diameter bore replacement will be different in operating the clutch arm, compared to my longer smaller inside bore present unit. seem to remember the last time I looked at this, the stock replacement would not move my clutch arm enough for proper release anybody know about Chev S 10 slaves? it appears to be a smaller bore unit. i can't get any of these in Mazatlan, hence nothing to actually look at. the car is an 88 with a 86 2.8 and a 5 speed trans. Thanks in advance, steve

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    I would take it apart, measure the bore and seal width. It is probably easier to find a new seal than a complete unit. Try looking at brake caliper rebuilders.

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