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Thread: F40 0 Original Chassis ?

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    F40 0 Original Chassis ?

    I've found the normal on-line blueprints of the F40 chassis but it omits many measurements including tube diameters even if some of the latter was oval!

    Does anyone have access to accurate chassis measurements?


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    I only know Enzodesign or SimpsonMotorSport that replicate the chassis of F40. But donīt know if they have a full plans sets. Do you found the body in fiberglass???

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    Hi Patata,

    I have not found an accurate F40 body in F/G or C/F but at this time I'm just concentrating on researching the chassis.

    My guy with his CNC machine wants me to get a couple of measurements as he can then work out the rest.

    I now have the online drawings on both A2 and A1 paper but lacking the above measurements.

    I'll have to speak to an owner at the next F-car meet:-)

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    where did you get the body from? who prduced it?

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    Got a pic of any thing?

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    You're jumping to conclusions guys.

    No body yet.

    I have a guy in the Netherlands who is happy to produce an exact copy of the chassis down to the finest details and or with any necessary modifications.

    There are several people with various original C/F as well as F/G copy panels out there.

    My thought was as the chassis is relatively inexpensive I'll go down this avenue first sourcing the panels as and when they can be sourced at the right price.

    So early days yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVR View Post

    My thought was as the chassis is relatively inexpensive
    What does "relatively inexpensive" mean? I am guessing $20k.

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    Hi, I can only suggest you contact this guy - Fotogalleri - maybe he can give you some insight into the information he has used.

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    hey I can get you the measurements I have a 308 chassis that is cut in half. The 308 uses the same tubing as the F40..let me know what you need...later Luke

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    Hey Guys,


    No, way less than that figure. He has the drawings and I've requested a ballpark figure to kill your curiosity :-))


    I'll check that link out, thanks.



    Here's the measurements we need marked in colour;

    If you check and double check these for me it would be most appreciated.

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