Hi Guys,

I've been searching for hours but have come up with nothing, even the factory service manual doesn't show what I need to see.. I'm selling one of my replica HVAC units to someone with a 1993 MR2-based kit, so far I've figured out all the wiring but I can't find any details (or pictures even) of the heat cable... In some pictures it appears there is a water valve that's moved by the cable, and in other info it shows there's a heat "flap" inside the air box that's moved by the cable. In the factory service manual it says to adjust both of those. So maybe there's 2 cables??? The *only* pictures I can find online are of the "AUTO" mode controller, which naturally has no cables and they've installed a variable resistor for the computer to read in it's place.

So... Anyone know how the MR2 heat lever works? Or even better, anyone have a picture of a non-AUTO mode 1993-ish MR2 heater control showing how the cables attach? Being how I am, I'd hate to send a kit to someone not knowing if it's going to work, and maybe have to have it shipped back to change it later..

Thanks for any help on this!!!