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Thread: To stretch or not to stretch

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    To stretch or not to stretch

    I know this thread has been started a million times... but...

    Dave, I know you moved you engine back by moving the cradle and not cutting the chassis. That's pretty slick, but when I went to look at my car to see just how that would turn out, I noticed that buy doing what you did, you didn't move the top position of the strut. So if you look at your car, isn't your strut supporting the weight of the car's back end at an angle, instead of vertically?

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    Re:To stretch or not to stretch

    No that statement isn't correct. The strut is moved back inside the strut tower 3 inches. You have to use HMS or equivalent coil over strut conversions to smaller diameter springs to accomplish this. I have 1/4 inch clearance and is does not hit or bind up in any way. Note blue spring in photo of shock in relationship to the rear of the shock tower.

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