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Thread: lambo question?

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    lambo question?

    ok, I have a 328 that im working on and I hope it will be done by june?? then i want to sell it and use most of the money to buy a lambo kit. my question is i've seen two kits that i like one is the Mirage K from euro works its non-stretch which is what i like. I dont want to deal with cutting the frame. And the other is the top gun kit which is a stretch kit "Diablo" both have pretty good prices. my question is has anyone ever bought one of these kits? or knows anything about the company's? or the assembly of these kits? i know one is stretch and the other is not but i like them both and i would like to know more about them to decide which way to go.
    thanks anthony..

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    Re:lambo question?

    Hey lovef501,

    Here is what i can offer you in terms of information. I too am researching which body to use and am looking seriously at the top gun kit because of it's great price. I have talked to several people who have seen the kits and the finished product.

    The opinions I have gotten have ranged from thumbs down to thumbs up, with the negative reactions coming from those who have just seen the finished car at shows, and the positive from those who actually purchased it.

    What I have learned is the fiberglass work is of good quality and the body design is very appealling. It does however require more work than most kits do to the fact that the doors need additional assembly, in that no steel has been bonded in and they need to be bonded together.

    The grills shown on the finished product were very suspect and out of whack, so count on doing your own thing there.
    A lot of the extras (parts) you get with other kits, you won't get either so be prepared on that level.

    A lot of people who don't have it knock the kit, but of all the people I have talked to who did actually purchase the kit, every single one was more than satisfied and thought it was well worth the price. Just my 2 cents.

    I have a couple of contacts of people who had the kit if u want further information.

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    Re:lambo question?

    I would say you are better off going with the Euroworks kit. Customer service is top notch and everything you read on this board about them is positive.

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