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Thread: Chassis plans.......

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    Chassis plans.......

    Ok so ive been looking since around 11 pm last night for a set of chassis plans for a muci or diablo and ive come up with nothing positive. All the links or companies anyone suggests on all the major fourms are either defunt ie the link is dead or it leads to some 4 year old builder that doenst have any resources anymore

    All i want is a set of functional plans that arent half ass thrown together, no i dont want to stretch a firetrap as ive done these kind of builds before and i want the ground up build for my 4th kit build.

    Im sure there are a few ppl still lurking around here that have a set of plans that are just collecting dust they might be willing to sell or atleast share for a fee

    thanks for reading and any constructive replys,

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    IF you want the naerc plans go here;
    I have built and driven two chassis' that I made with these plans and I can safely tell you that the car handles like a dream.
    You get a laser cut file that you can just drop off with a cutter and all the little parts are made and brake formed.
    I modified the plans to match my current body and wheels.
    If you do go this route I can help you out.
    Here some of my pictures;
    Chassis Totally Powder Coated
    Here is a video of it running;
    Replica Lamborghini Diablo Chassis with BMW M70 V12 connected to Audi 016 5 Speed. - YouTube


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    Jim this engine combo is what i need! Please helP me with a parts list and what electrical you are using to get it running!

    Murcy build btw!

    Tranny info and adapter and linkage info too!

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    If you take Jim's pictures link above and remove the end portion pertaining to the pictures so you are left with the URL, he has a lot of info on the engine and tranny setup. Actually a lot of great info across the board.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Thanks for the kind words Don!

    onewicked, I am using a BMW750 V12 from a 1991 coupled to a 1987 Audi 5000 2WD transaxle. I made the adapter plate and had a machine shop turn the flywheel for me.
    Adapter, flywheel, and clutch cost me under $600.00.

    Follow this link to see the engine/adapter/transmission info;

    Follow this link to see the shifter (no cables) setup;
    Shifter - BMW V12 to Audi 5000 in a Replica Lamborghini Diablo - YouTube

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