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Thread: Engine/cradle removel-necessary??

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    Engine/cradle removel-necessary??

    I have an F40 with a 2.8 5speed. The crank seal on the clutch side is leaking a bit, and getting oil onto the clutch. I picked up a new seal, and clutch pack when up in Tucson ( I am in Mazatlan, Mexico) The question is: most experts agree this job requires complete dropping of the engine cradle and rear suspension;which means rear suspension re allignment, etc. I am wondering if anyone has tried splitting the trans/ engine and doing this without dropping everything? I have no computer/electronic allignment available in Mazatlan, and this seems like an incredible amount of work to do for this job. any suggestions would be appreciated!! steve

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    I have pulled the 2.8 out from the top before. It is very tight and requires some careful lifting but it will come out. You will need to loosen the trans mounts as well so you can rotate the engine trans a little bit to pull the engine off the input shaft. I also suggest taking the intake off the engine as well to get it out of the way. The passenger lid mount also gets in the way as you bring it up so there is some "manipulating" or pushing the engine around a bit needed to get the heads past the lid hinge and dog bone mount but after that, easier moving.

    Way easier to drop the cradle but as you said, it opens up more grief for you in other areas. It is very tight but manageable if you take your time.

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    Why would the rear suspension need realignment? Just undo the bolts at the shock tower, and make sure they're in the same place on reinstallation. Dropping the cradle isn't that much extra effort, as long as the cradle bolts are ok.

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    I guess where I was headed with all this is if it were possible to split the engine-tranny without having to remove the engine and cradle completely. Unrealistic maybe, but taking a shot before I do the whole ten yards. Steve

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    When my clutch was replaced the shop lowered the rear of the cradle only to do the job. You can research it on Pennocks. Many people do it that way.

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