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Thread: My Euro-Works Lambo Countach handles soooo good!

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    My Euro-Works Lambo Countach handles soooo good!

    So, I am curious as to why my car handles so good and tight? My friend's Ferrari replica is like night and day compaired to mine. Why does mine handle so good and his feels totally different? We both seem to have all the origional suspention. I don't have any special parts added or anything and it doesn't appear that Euro-Works added anything special. I'm just curious if it's because of the obvious Physics of the car(lower and wider) or what may cause this? He has the 86 undercarriage too I believe.

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    Wider and Lower cars have a better center of gravity.It's possible that the previous owner installed new struts,new shocks would have little effect because the struts are supporting the weight of the engine.It's also possible to install an antisway bar in the rear to get rid of any sway that is common in the rear in most Fieros.I belive the 88's had the antisway bar in the rear.Installation of Poly Urithane bushings can help a little.
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