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Thread: COMPLETELY Screwed! Stuck lower caliper pin on 93 Caprice

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    Unhappy COMPLETELY Screwed! Stuck lower caliper pin on 93 Caprice

    Help me before I go insane...please!

    I have a 1993 Chevy Caprice Classic. I am working on changing the pads on my front brakes. One side completed successfully. On the other, I was able to remove the top caliper bolt (The bolt is removed with a 3/8 Allen bit and socket wrench) but the bottom one is stuck.

    How stuck?

    Here is what I tried so far...

    -Used the bit with a socket wrench (no dice)
    -Held in the socket wrench while hitting the end with a hammer (no love)
    -Soaked the area in PB overnight (nada)
    -Used a breaker bar with the bit (ended up stripping the inside of the bolt)
    -Hammered the area of the caliper where the bolt is frozen (aside from removing dirt, it's still in there)
    -Heated the bolt-threads with a blow torch, then tried a Vise Grip on the outside (stripped the outside of the bolt)

    I'm not sure what else there is to do and I am desperately looking for ideas. One thought I had was to use a sidecut saw to slice through the pin in a couple of areas to get it off.

    DO you think that is the best approach? Any other ideas? I MUST get this off!

    Thanks in advance!

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    weld a nut on the end and try that i guess.

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    1) A replacement caliper for that car is really cheap and many suppliers offer the anchor with it. Simply unbolt the anchor and replace the entire unit.

    2) Have you compressed the piston fully yet? C-clamp the outer pad and the far side of the caliper, this will push the piston all the way back into the caliper. It should expose more of the slide bolt so vise-grips can get a better hold of it. Since you seem to have access to a torch, don't heat the caliper, heat the anchor near the slide bolt threads.

    3) I just did a search and you may have the really old GM style without a replaceable anchor... If that is the case and method 2 (above) does not work, weld a large nut to the inboard head of the slide bolt as Happy suggested. Heat again.

    4) Cut the caliper off leaving only the bolt in place. Weld on several nuts or clamp on several vise-grips to get it to turn.

    5) Slice the slide bolt flush, drill and re-thread the anchor.

    6) Replace the steering knuckle.

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    this has happened to me before. you need to take it to an auto shop and have them torch it to take out the pin thats seized in there. then you will need to order a new pin and boot from the dealership

    or go to a junkyard and replace the entire part.

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