Hi everyone sorry to ask as i know this subject may have been covered with lambo reps, but is they a service that cut down windscreen in UK.
Long story short i have raked and chopped my SW20 MR2 by 4inchs to achieve a more accurate look for my 355 rep.
I seen some youtube clips where you use a router a cooling tube with a mixture of air and water along side a method to achieve the desired results.

Windshield cutting with Pete Hagan haganauto.com - YouTube

I have tried this with great fail and now have to buy another windscreen. Im not going to attempt this again,so i was wondering is they anyone out there that can do this for a fee or dose anyone know of any company in the UK that can do this as i am not going to even entertain using lexan.

Many thanks for reading this post and any help would be greatly appreciated..