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Thread: Power windows slow? Some advice!!

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    Power windows slow? Some advice!!

    I have experienced a common Fiero problem with the F 40; the windowns are dragging, and need help by hand to get them up and down. Anticipating a fix, I purchased two new Doorman replacement motors from Autozone, while up in Tucson. After researching Pennocks where detailed instructions about window motor replacement is readily available, I was not looking forward to the huge ordeal this job entails. My car came from the previous owner with custom window switches in the dash, that the previous owner stated would not work, so he provided a couple of used stock Fiero ones. Two summers ago I installed these, and although I had window function, it was slow. Thus the purchase of the replacement motors. As I got at this yesterday, I decided to fiddle with the custom window switches and wiring before tackling the big job of motor replacement. It took a bit to figure out which wires went on the six blades on the back of each switch, but I eventually got them working, and guess what??? My windows go up and down like new, without assistance. So after this long winded explanation, a bit of advice...Check your switches before purchasing new motors, and getting into the big job!! Hope this helps someone. Steve

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    Many others also use a relay to power the window motors and just using the switch to power the relay. This will give the full power to the motor and it will go up and down much faster and smoother.

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    Do a power window relay upgrade , it solved slow window problems

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    This wiring will work with any type of switch, even toggle switches if you wish.

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    Don't forget to lube up the tracks also. Some synthetic grease in the tracks helps a lot.

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