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Thread: Building the body yourself

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    Building the body yourself

    Hi there, I just registered but I've been reading on this forum for a couple of days now (read every thread that seemed interesting ). But I haven't found anything of building a body yourself.

    Has anyone done it in here? Or has anyone information on it? websites?

    I already found this website:

    Which has plans for a Countach for download, but you have to pay for it through credit card or iBill and I don't have a credit card and can't use iBill

    Maybe one of you has downloaded these plans and want to share them with me??

    Any information would be good!!

    I already figured I could use a CAD-model to figure out the right size/proportions, but I don't really know anything about actually building it (I have seen the pictures on the mentioned site, so I have an idea of how it's done...but that's not enough)

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    Hi there just before i get started, just wanted to welcome you.

    There are alot "Build Diary's" on the net which offer insights to personal building experiance. First and fore most, there really aren't to many company's out there that offer "how to build kit cars" because most of the time they include that in their kit purchase. If you dont mind me asking, are you looking for a "Fiero" kit? or something that utilizes a custom tubular frame chassis? any ways the best way to "Learn" how to build a kit cars is by doing internet reaserch and by reading certain books on the net that you can order (dont worry, only check or money orders are used for ordering ) this site is a great site, when i mean great, i mean great, here you can purchase the book "The Fifteen Dollar a Day Diablo" here you will learn to build a car from scratch. Also if you like you can spend the $5 and get a website membership which gives you book updates as well as other members builds and speacial traits. For example Brian Wolfe is a great fiberglass specialist, he utilized Autocad2000 to "complete" design a lamborgini roadster plug from the ground up. This site is just what "YOU" need to learn the ways of the kit cars industry, my self im still sort of a "newber" however im learning something new with every flip of a page ;D another great source is Dale Van Blocklands web build diary this build page is mainly designed to help out IFG kit assemblers just in case you havn't checked out their stuff. My self i am an amature mechanist and am quiet eager to begin my own Lambo build, in light for your current position, when i begin the build, i will be creating a "One-of-a-kind" kit-car web site that will not only contain my build, plus other kit builds from around the world, what is going to make my site unique, is the fact that im going to get a "BIG" server in order to post my MPEGS video files which will include everything from cutting, stretching your fiero, to finalizing the project and Further customizing the car to fit my personal tastes. I hope this helps a bit, if you like, i am enclosing my e-mail at the end of this message if you would like to ask me more questions BYE


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    Re: Building the body yourself

    Actualy i was so eager to write a response, i forgot to check out the link that you have posted, im seriously considering this purchase, nothing official yet, but if i do i will have absolutely no problem with making you an extra copy for $10 or something outrageously dumb like that or just give you the damn thing for free, what do you think??

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    Welcome to the forum AAP:

    There is a member of this forum building a Countach body from scratch His user name is pschile. He has posted some pics of his project on this site, Not sure what thread's though.

    You can get the full size bulkhead patterns from Elmer Williams but I cannot remember his website address ( I will try and find it and post it later ). I beleve this is what pschile used for his build.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Building the body yourself

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    Welcome to the site.
    Just as they said I am building my body from scratch. I started with Elmer's plan and changed it a litlle when I recieved another method from Curt Scot.
    If you want to use Elmer's method I can make a copy of his video that outlines the build up from start to a finshed car.
    If I remember how to do itthere should be a picture of my car with this. Let me know if you want the video
    Also I have the plans from that site called kitbuilder and once I get Microsoft word again and can open them I'll e-mail you the plans[img]URL[/img]

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    Hello all...

    Just let myself into that "Lambo from scratch" website. Looked around a bit and I'd suggest holding onto you $40 bucks unless all you want it some previously published VERY basic sketches of a VW based Lambo kit.

    Line drawings of the various assemblies... frame, headlamps, wiring, etc. accompanied by lengths, widths and heights. No real information that I could find in the five minutes I poked around there, about the actualy BUILDING of these cars. Just the "plans" for building the molds.

    Kit Car Magazine has adds where you can buy the same book with, what looks like to me, the same plans in it. And I think it might be cheaper but I'm not sure.

    Not very applicable to any of us Fiero kit based builders

    Just my .02 cents worth

    DKOV -

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    Welcome AAP. Since my 355 dreams haven't come to about yet, I've been toying with the idea of a custom body and maybe selling a couple to recoup my expenses. I've been teaching myself Autodesk Inventor for the design process. In my research I've come across a number of sites. One not mentioned above is Lambo Lounge. Great site. Here's some of my links:

    All are not necessarily on body building, but they have info that could help.
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    thx for all the help guys!!

    Racing trends: I live in the Netherlands, so I think scanning and sending it to me through the internet would be easier...

    Pschile: thx, I'm interested in those plans and maybe I can help you with Ms Word (PM me)

    DKOV: I didn't want to use a VW frame (although the method that's on the site does), a fiero would be ok, or maybe another mid-engine car.

    Actually the real problem aren't the plans (I can make those easily out of a 3d model of the car with a problem like AutoCAD), the problem is actually building the body, building the shape of the car.

    EDIT: Just found out PM's are not possible on this forum (or are they?!) Oh email is (maybe someone uses MSN Messenger in here? )

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    Re: Building the body yourself

    yea that would absolutely no problem at all, except :-[ my computer right now is kind of glitchy and not really performing well, but im purchasing a new powerbook G4 mac, by christmas in order for me to get my web site rolling and posting up video files and clips of certain sections of my build. As far as the purchase of the video it won't be any time soon
    :'( :'( :'( :'( mainly because im sort of strapped for cash, by the way i havn't checked out your link completely, how much was that video and how much is shipping? anywho im also purchasing the book "The Fifteen Dollar a Day Diablo" i will be more than willing to purchase this book, make color scaned copies of it and send it VIA Mail. i hope this will get you on your build project any other information you can just e-mail me or add me to your msn list

    TTYL Marcello

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