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Thread: How do you get a car mold?

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    How do you get a car mold?

    I've been wondering how people get the car molds? The kit sellers, etc. Do companies do it or people in their garage? What's the process? I don't understand why there aren't any real reventon or enzo kits. When you can do something like rent the car and get a mold of it? Can someone please explain how it works. Thanks.

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    I'm not the best at making molds, but I do have a pretty good idea of the process. First, you don't want to rent a car to make molds, especially a $1,000,000+ car! There is a pretty good chance of ruining the paint if you did it that way. Plus, you have to completely dismantle the car to get the parts off the car in order to make a quality mold. You could just "splash" the outside of the part while still on the car if it was a simple one, but definitely not the preferred method. Once you get the part you want to mold, you have to clean it and make sure it's not warped or damaged, otherwise all the parts you pull from the mold will have the same defects. You wax the part up real good and use a film, like vinyl decal, to cover the part. Then you apply your fiberglass mat soaked in resin. Completely cover the part and use a roller to get out all the air bubbles (think squeegee) to avoid empty voids when the stuff dries. Then you apply a second layer doing the same thing. After about 5-8 layers, you want this mold to be tough enough to stand up to the work you have in mind (also, you have to leave plenty of mat overhang/excess on the stuff so you have something to handle and your sure the part is completely covered, including the edges of your part you want to duplicate. If it's a big part that needs to be made in sections, you have to make flanges also, so you can support the mold and help you line up the sections correctly later. With any luck, when you remove the original part, you'll have a perfect negative image molded in fiberglass to use a mold for your new parts. You can see how taking apart a rental car to make molds is not really a very good idea, and VERY time consuming as you would have to rebuild the entire car before taking it back the the rental agency. From what I understand, most of the molds used by kit manufacturers were from a damaged car they bought, or individual parts they borrowed/purchased. It can be a very expensive endeavor to make a kit. Now they take measurements, and input them into a computer using a cad program and a CNC router to cut pieces out of foam to make molds from. While this is cheaper, you have got to take a huge amount of measurements to get it to come out right. Both ways take up a lot of time and material.
    I'm not good at molds, and I'm sure one of these guys that are could correct anything I may have missed or said incorrectly.

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    yea thats putty much the ruff idea , you are better off buying a complete kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by carspancho View Post
    yea thats putty much the ruff idea , you are better off buying a complete kit
    Now if you where making molds of say just a hood and not the whole car with the intent of selling lots of hoods then this method works...
    Take the original hood on the top side clean and prepare its as they said above but add a sill or flange all around the edge approximately 3/8" thick. Then lay up /cover the whole thing in layers of fiberglass and remove then cured this becomes your top mold. Leaving the flange in place flip over and repeat the process to create your bottom mold. These two molds (top/bottom) can be bolted together or vacuum pulled together with fiberglass and resin in between forming a finished part with both surfaces nicely formed. Google - RTM Lite fiberglass for more details.

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    Thanks for all of the replies guys!

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