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Thread: 2000 doge caravan cylinder 5 misfire

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    2000 doge caravan cylinder 5 misfire

    How Do You Fix This Problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niko Brown View Post
    How Do You Fix This Problem
    I'm assuming it would be the coil pack.. This just happened to mine about a month ago. Non offence, but when u get that fixed get rid of it ASAP.. That car is an electrical problem nightmare straight From the factory.. Good luck

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    I had a similar issue a few months ago with a 2001 Town and Country. Although mine would barely run at all. Turns out, it was the wiring that runs from the coil pack in back of the engine. The heat from the motor over the years baked off the insolation off the wires. To solve the issue, I removed the coil pack to gain access to the rear of the engine. Repaired the wiring and then it was fine again. I would say if it’s not the coil pack. Check the wiring. It’s probably one or the other.

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