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Thread: Red Lamborghini Gallardo Calipers & Rotors

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    Red Lamborghini Gallardo Calipers & Rotors

    has any one put original rotors and calipers on their fiero kit cars??
    im looking into getting breaks for my reventon built. Big break kits at west coast fiero are around 3k. I can get a set of real lambo caliper and rotors only for 3,700.. for the price difference i would rather get the real thing but would they fit and how hard would it be??

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    Try and look at the calipers and rotors from a audi rs4. If I remember correctly they are really close or the same as the gallardos, but much cheaper.

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    The west coast Fiero and others are a bolt on proven design. The gallardos will very likely require some expensive modification to make them work. Brakes are nothing to take a chance on. If it were me I would take a WCF kit and glue the lambo covers over the calipers. Just my opinion. I have the Held 13" brakes with wilwood calipers and I would like to get caliper covers eventually just for the appearance.

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