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Thread: fiero/ mr2 frame questons on lambo replica

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    fiero/ mr2 frame questons on lambo replica

    ok guys I have some concerns on the fiero/ mr2 frame on a replica. the first question is it ok to fit a twin turbo v8 or v6 into that frame and not run into problems in the future such as stress fractures. etc... also how would the handling be. really bad or ok. what upgrades would I need to do. thanks

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    Good question, mitch310. How beefy a frame does one need? Check out the build diarys on the cars that have the engine that you want in your car and see what strengthening has been added. We are probably looking at a replica that has a 35/65 or 40/60 front/rear weight ratio depending on the size of the engine/transaxle combo. Ride and Handling would be covered with your spring/shock setup which should match your weight distribution with some allowances on tire bounce/recoil. There have been some instances where a higher spring rate was used to control the front tires from hitting the top of the wheel well liner. It's kind of a fine line sometimes. Most builders use a double frame along the rockers. I don't think that I have read any post about stress fractures but there are some builds that I wouldn't ride in because of inadequate bracing and poor welding. Another good measure is to use 1/8" wall thickness if you think you are going to need a heavy duty chassis or use .090" wall for a slightly lighter chassis. Hope this helps. Jim

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