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Thread: where does this connector go on fiero v6?

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    where does this connector go on fiero v6?

    Someone removed my air filter unit on my v6 fiero and I see this connector hanging...yet I can't seem to find any unplugged connectors on the transmission or engine!

    It's on the far left side - everything looks plugged in near the distributor cap-- see

    Can anyone tell me what connector this is and where it's supposed to go? The car seems to run ok without it , but it does die out at low speed reversing and need to keep foot on the gas
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    Wheres it coming from and what color are the wires out of it? looks like the contruder valve.
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    It is your air temperature sensor wire by the look of it. There will be a small sensor on the air intake around the air filter. If I recall it threads into the air filter canister.

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    Sounds right because As I said , my whole stock air filter assembly was removed (actually stolen)

    I now am using a polished aluminum cold air intake off eBay . There are holes in the aluminum tube (I'm assuming to install a sensor ?)

    Should I buy some kind of sensor and install it in the cold air tube? Or Will the car run fine without it?

    Anyone know What's the part number for the sensor ?
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    The computer is looking for the inout from that sensor. Your fuel and drivability will not be 100%
    Just thread it in anywhere in the intake system. You can even glue it into a rubber hose.

    GM part numbers
    1985-87 SENSOR, manifold air temp 25036751
    1988 SENSOR, manifold air temp 25037225

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    Thanks !!
    So do I even need to put it in the intake tract (does it need the vacuum ) or can I just put it in a spare piece of rubber hose and point it down low by the old air inlet location?

    Is there any advantage in "tricking " it to see colder (or hotter) temps than the actual intake air temp?
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    IT does not need to see vacuum. It does want to see air rushing past it.

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