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Thread: 3800 Wiring - NEED HELP!

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    3800 Wiring - NEED HELP!

    I am installing a 2004 3800 SC engine, PCM, and wiring harness into a Lambo replica. Key turns on power, gauges, etc., but GM anti-theft system will not allow start-up. I could easily rewire the starter, but I do not know how to rewire or work around the fuel cutoff in the Passkey III system. Is it possible? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Found this thread on Pennock's:
    3800 SC passkey III need help!!!! - Pennock's Fiero Forum

    What are you using for a key? Stock Fiero? You may need the original key, as there's a chip in the newer ones that communicates with the ECM. One solution might be to use the 3800's ignition switch, with a key in it turned to the on position hidden under the dash? Still use the Fiero ignition or whatever to start the car, just the other one to bypass the antitheft system.

    The other alternative would be to reprogram the ECM to ignore it. West Coast Fieros has a link on their site to do it for $200; I'd heard bad things about them in the past though, so do your research.

    Found this link
    LS4 DoD 4T65E TAPShift Fiero Swap PAGE 12

    It talks about getting the ECM programmed at the dealership, then modifying some HPTuners software. I'm not sure about the HPTuners thing, just thought I'd post the info anyway...

    here's a thread that talks about swapping the PCM:
    3800 5 speed swap questions - Pennock's Fiero Forum

    Probably your best shot - search for a bypass controller on ebay:
    passkey 3 bypass | eBay

    Hope that helps; good luck with it!

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    On second thought - those bypass modules seem to be only for remote starters, only temporarily disabling it.

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    If the only issue is due to the fuel being disabled. Why not just run the fuel pump wire directly to the ignition circuit. True, the PCM will disable the fuel pump for other situations involving safety but that’s the way we all did it back in the 70s and 80s.

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    I thought about that. I'm not sure that it doesn't kill the signal to the fuel injectors though?

    Is there a pinout to the fuel pump in the ALDL, or a fuel pump test wire? If so, you could just run a wire to the battery to test it out.

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    even with the passkey module you still will need original key to have it programmed. Why not just have the ECM reprogrammed and remove VAT all together.

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