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Thread: Hi from the South Pacific

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    Hi from the South Pacific


    I'm looking to make a 355 bodykit for a sw20 (90+) mr2 - am in New Zealand (south pacific) - and it would be somewhat prohibitive to import a fibreglass kit from the UK / US.

    Are there some of you out there who would be willing to give me some dimensions and detailed photographs of your kits so as to help me construct the moulds? Also - are there any mr2 kit manufacturers that you have contact details?

    Cheers very much,


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    Re: Hi from the South Pacific

    Hello in NZ!!! Glad to have you on board

    There is one manufacturer that I know of that builds kits for MR2s but you don't want to get ripped off, so I wouldn't bother. Just take $5000, wrap it around a rock and drop it in the ocean. It'll be quicker and less painfull to loose money THAT way.

    Check e-bay. There are a few guys selling kits from time to time there. Just stay away from Paul's Exotics (referrence above rock tossing excercise) and look for private sellers that are not finishing their project. Also, you might check or

    There are lots of for sale items on both sites but the 2nd of them has sections devided by kits for sale, unfinished projects, molds, etc. Might be a good place to look

    Again, welcome and enjoy the process!

    DKOV -

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    Re: Hi from the South Pacific

    i think had a kit for a 90+ mr2 .. but ferrari 348

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