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Thread: Front bumper vent holes in the Countach

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    Front bumper vent holes in the Countach

    Does anyone know what the 3 vent holes on each side of the front bumper are?

    Large outer lower hole - brake cooling?
    Rounded inner lower hole - usually oil cooler for front engines, but I have no other guesses.
    Upper hole with grill - cabin fresh air?

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    This is for the euro style bumper:
    Large outer lower hole = there is a ramp behind this, leads to the AC condenser on the left side; oil cooler on right side on 5000s & older.
    Rounded inner lower hole = ducted tube to brake disc dust shield.
    Upper hole with grill = on right side, there is a nautilus-shaped blower fan for the cabin in 5000s & older.

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