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Thread: beemamans f430 for sale

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    beemamans f430 for sale

    hi everyone

    just a quickie my car is up for sale and if anyone interested in a immaculate example then let me is on my build thread so take a look and anyone who wishes to take a look please let me know and ile pm you details and price etc

    to everyone who knows me the car is one of the best f430 builds out there

    many thanks

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    I'll vouch for that.

    The finish on this car is nothing short of superb and a testament to Beemaman's skill as a bodywork and paint guy. The finish, matched with a beautifully crafted replica interior and extra genuine Ferrari parts, not seen on other builds, make this one of if not the best DNA F430 Spider's ever built.

    And no, I'm not on a commission, before any of you ask.

    Beemaman is a top bloke with mad skills, so if you are gonna make an offer please be realistic and don't take the piss!

    Really hope you get what your amazing car deserves mate and I can't wait to see you 458 get started.


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    hey beany your fiver is in the post buddy lol

    no joking apart thanks buddy ive spent some serious time on this car and it is like new and looks nothing like fiberglass,whoever does buy the car will have one of the best examples is like brand new.i am as you say a perfectionist when it comes to cars and painting.

    im only looking for around what others are going for on the internet so someone will get a cheap but first class build.and talking of builds cant wait to see yours all done mate.its gonna be awesome and cant wait to see it.

    458 is going to be something special to mate and if anyones interested in that let me know

    look forward to seeing you soon buddy

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