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Thread: Fiero to ferrari Wheel Swap - How Do I Do This ?

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    Fiero to ferrari Wheel Swap - How Do I Do This ?

    I want to use stock ferrari wheels on my fiero-based replica. The fiero wheels are 5 x 100 and the offset is 37 to 40 mm.

    - Does anyone know where I can find out the bolt pattern and offset for the stock ferrari wheels ?

    - What specific wheel adapters should I use and where is a good place to get them ?

    - Can I get a "blank" fiero wheel hub and have the studs put in by a machine shop to fit the ferrari bolt pattern ?

    If anyone knows any of this info, thank you.

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    What model and year replica? That would be helpful. If you are doing a 308 / 328 there was a set of "Compomotive Mera" wheels mentioned for sale over in Pennocks (15"). I just finished a set of 16" three piece Compomotive replica wheels (now discontinued) and they look incredible on my 308 replicar.
    Just google "what is the bolt pattern for a 308 FERRARI" you will find a list of Ferrari OE bolt patterns care of Ferrari Chat.

    Just looked at your signature / Corson Boxer BBI 512 Kit? I think the Mera "Comadora" wheels were used
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    This link is a totalley diffrent modification than what you are looking for,but it will show you how you need to mark and drill the hub (or have a machine shop do it),to match your new wheels (you may have to drill the rotars too).
    DIY - How to drill 5 x 100 mm wheel bolt pattern for brake rotor upgrade - 5x100 - Pennock's Fiero Forum
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    The 88 hubs can be redrilled larger, as in Fieroguru's article, but the 84-87 front hub is near it's limit. Bubbajoexxx, has an article on converting the hub to use a Corvair part with 5x4.75 pattern. This could be redrilled to most anything.

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