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Thread: Advice on finding a fully assembled used Murci kit

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    Advice on finding a fully assembled used Murci kit

    Hey guys, I'm in the market for a fully assembled kit, but don't really know where else to look. I know there's a marketplace on this site and ebay is always decent, but where else can I find something?

    I live in the US and I would prefer to find something like a Triangle G or an Extreme. I want something that is fully finished and not a kit or a partial build. Ideally I would want a roadster but I would also consider a coupe.

    I bought a Porsche 911 C4 a few months ago and the motor blew up literally the day I picked it up so I decided I'll get a replica instead and I love the Lambo.


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    eBay has some almost complete cars

    Very few people have 100% complete murcielago lambo cars for sale. Most still have things like windows and gauges inoperative etc .

    I have a 355 that's complete if you like Ferrari replicas

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