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Thread: custom steering wheel - need a couple of recommendations

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    custom steering wheel - need a couple of recommendations


    loooking for somebody who can modify/custom trim a steering wheel . I can provide the wheel emblem and leather, so far everyone I have approached says we do not do that type of work , hopefully the picures post so you have an idea of what i am looking to execute

    from this black 3 spoke to the dual color concept , with a thicker rim and ergonomics

    appreciate any leads you can provide
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    maybe you can use and modify it a sport steering wheel with fiberglass or other material and use emblem.

    F 1 F1 Car Racing Sports Steering Wheel Handle J4 Gray | eBay

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    To each it's own but the OEM boot emblem is around seven and a half inches wide. It will look out of place parked in the middle of a steering wheel. I think you should keep looking for a more suitable wheel. Most of the more modern steering wheels have a fatter design more in lines of what you need.

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    You could get a red cover and die those portions black. Otherwise you're going to need a good seamstress.

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    you are right the emblem is a little on the large size , and i have a original wheel badge as well so there may be and alternative execution, the problem with modern "aftermarket" wheels is they are too small in overall diameter and just look wrong , the nardi wheels that are the right size would also require serious surgery to meet my needs so a wheel that fits seems an equally good starting point , If I could find a continental GT 3 spoke wheel that did not cost 3 grand sterling then i may be in with shot of what i am after
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    How about a Dodge Challanger wheel?

    I donít know the dimensions though!
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    Have you tried this place Dallas Custom Steering Wheel I have never used them but they were recomended on another forum i belong to.

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    I have done business with Don Le (Dallas Custom Steering Wheel) for nearly 20 years. His work is impeccable and his price is very reasonable for the quality of service he offers.


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    thanks for the pointer and endorsement , I have sent them an email , lets see where it leads

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    got a reply back from Dallas Custom Steering Wheel,...... No Can Do, the search continues

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