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Thread: Kit With many small parts

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    Kit With many small parts

    Hi I have this Countach replica with many small parts . how is the best way to attach these to make flanges on both then screw or pop rivet togeather or to clean fiberglass and just glass them togeather. or both. The panel under tail light and muffler area is two or three pieces the rockers are not attached the flares around the wheels are in two pieces each Gene

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    Re:Kit With many small parts

    Hey Gene!

    I'd do a combintion of making flanges for parts that you may want to replace or remove... front piece, top-side air ducts, and maybe the fender flares. The rest, I'd just glass together personally.

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    Re:Kit With many small parts

    Hi come to think about it probably be good to flange the rear
    because some one got there aniv. Countach rearended so just flange that too, put all the flares to geather flange them to the body. Gene

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    Re:Kit With many small parts

    Didn't think about getting rearended. I think you're right. flange that too. Good idea to bond the pieces together and flare that to the car. After each of the pieces are bonded into one "flarable" piece, it may be a good Idea to make a mold of those pieces and set them aside... just in case. Hopefully, You'll never have to use them, but better safe than sorry.

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