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Thread: Turbocharging Question

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    Turbocharging Question

    mad mechanic's

    a long time ago i heard of a turbocharger that fell apart and

    all the pieces went into the engine.

    it didn't do the engine much good.

    have they improved the situation since then or

    is that still possible that can happen with a turbocharger?

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    You won't have any problems with a turbo ...... as long as you have good lubrication , good lubrication and good lubrication , oh and a good air filter

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    Anything could happen. It's like saying the rod could break and knock a hole in the block and ruin it. Like String said, you keep in lubricated and clean, and your likely never to have a problem. If you're worried about it, you could check the shaft play on it intermittenly. It typically doesn't take that long to access the internals (without gutting the turbo every time) and make sure it's still within spec.

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    Dont buy a cheap exhuast manifold. I wnt thru 2 turbonetics turbos before i figured it out, the welding slag inside the manifold was breaking off and going thru the turbo fans.

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    I had a turbo blow on me and the impeller on the hot side broke off and made its way to the back of the exhaust. After looking for it for sometime, I assumed it had broken into a ton of little pieces and fell onto the street. I replaced the turbo and after getting some serious overheating issues I realized the impeller main body piece was lodged in the exhaust silencer and it wasn't letting the air flow! After cutting it out, it ran smooth. It could've gotten really bad but luckily I cought it in time

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