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Thread: Can some builders here check my design to see if it will function.

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    Can some builders here check my design to see if it will function.

    I had to design in door wells for this model. I need some builders with experience to look at my design and tell me if it is functional as a door-well/door and glass. Thanks.

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    I am not sure about the movement of the door itself. Do the doors open outward or upward? If outward, I think this should be pretty good as a starting point. Nothing will be complete until you set the door and jamb together with hinges to see how they open in conjunction to each other. Gaps etc. will be done then. The hinge location will also determine how the front edge opens in relation to the front fender piece. On a lot of kits MR2 and Fiero end up having interference issues with the front edge unless the hinges are moved outwards toward the outside of the door. Something to think about for where the hinges will go on your design.

    If the door goes up, you may have interference issues with the front upper edge and will have interference issues with the rear jamb shape. The jut out on upper portion of the rear jamb will catch the door edge when lifting up. Depending on where the hinges are mounted on the front, you may have some clearance issues at the upper edges of the door

    Hope that helps
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