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Thread: supra transversely set engine.

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    supra transversely set engine.

    Has anyone ever considered using a supra/lexus sc300 3.0 liter I6 transversely set for their powerplant? I believe it would be an ideal engine being that it's lightweight, 6 cylinder(for insurance purposes), and the ontap power of the turbocharged i6. Though doing exhaust work would be a little different from a v8, and mounting an intercooler for the turbocharger would be semi-difficult. Not to mention figuring out a way to seamlessly incorperate the boost gage into the dashwork. *

    Just an thought, I dont know much about the 2jzgte; Therefore, wouldnt know much about installing it transversely and mating it to porsche/other transmission.

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    Re: supra transversely set engine.

    Hi I have a 87 supra and trying to figure how to maybe make it front drive using the Supra suspension front and rear or with a reverse drive like a independant transfer case then drive the rear wheels like in the lambo', the Supra uses suspension on subframes that could be remounted on tube frame and the have coilovers from the factory Corvette type setup with aluminum upper aframes front and rear.

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