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Thread: Gluing Foam together

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    Gluing Foam together

    I am trying out this new white glue ,put it on one side of the foam an spray a mist of water from a spray bottle on the other side of the foam an apply pressure to hold them together an then use body shop tape to hold the two pieces together , 1 hour it,s set ,6-7 completely dry

    regular foam blue or pick from lowes or home depot ....don,t forget to remove the clear plastic

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    Oh nice, so it worked eh, Ill be trying to glue foam together in the next few weeks and do a CNC carve.

    Looking forward to a nice Aventador to come out one day.
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    I used that glue as a filler to repair a deep crack in my 944's dash. It expands about 4x if you don't keep it under pressure, but that's what I wanted since I was filling instead of bonding.

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