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Thread: Glass Measurements

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    Glass Measurements

    Just curious if someone wouldn't mind sharing some measurements from a Countach curve glassed windshield out of a STRETCHED chassis kit. (or a real Lamborghini) This is what I need:
    1. Top of glass across
    2. From the top down along the door edge
    3. Widest point across
    4. Length from top to bottom
    5. Bottom edge of glass across

    If anyone could share those measurements, I'd really appreciate it. What can I say... I'm needy!


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    Re:Glass Measurements

    The measurements off my windshield are:
    1. 37" Top of glass across.
    2. 33", 31" along the door, then 2" straight down to meet the bottom. Make sense?
    3. 58.5" Widest point across.
    4. 37.25" Top to bottom
    5. 35" Bottom edge of glass across.
    My windshield is from Euroworks and will fit an original Lambo.
    Let me know if you need anything else.

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    Re:Glass Measurements

    Spoon, that makes perfect sense.

    Thanks a lot for your help. I'm very greatful!

    ...and thanks Gene, for emailing. You guys are the best!


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