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Thread: fiero steering wheel

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    fiero steering wheel

    ok i know this question my sound crazy but i have to ask i need someone to explain to me how to remove the fiero steering wheel. me and that steering wheel have been haveing the dammest time. i tryed hitting, pulling, curseing it and it wont come hope you kit buddys can help me. Thanks Dudes

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    Re:fiero steering wheel

    You will need a steering wheel puller to get it off, You can get them at most auto part stores. Most standard puller kits will do the job aswell.

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    Re:fiero steering wheel

    Probably available as a free 3 night loaner from Canadian Tire and Partsource .. if your in Canada :-)
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    Re:fiero steering wheel

    And when you install the new one,make sure the tires are streight, then center the new wheel.
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    Re:fiero steering wheel

    cool thanks a ton dudes, i was two steps from cuting that b%&ch

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