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Thread: Need help confirming if the clutch needs replacing?

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    Need help confirming if the clutch needs replacing?

    I'm a rookie at this, can you guys confirm this should be replaced. Haynes says should be 1/16" above the rivets and I have less. On occasion I did detect some slippage in 5th. FYI measured the one at the end of my finger not the rivet at the end of the vernier.

    Thanks guys!

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    With that little left and it being out already, I would replace it. No need to risk scaring the flywheel for a 1,000 miles of driving.

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    Don't just replace the clutch plate, the slippage can also be lack of force on the clutch from the pressure plate, If possible go for a heavy duty pressure plate if the clutch pedal felt 'light' There's no extra work involved except opening the wallet a little further. Even manufacturers can get this wrong sometimes, we had a new Astra turbo diesel that slipped in sixth, Vauxhall replaced flywheel, and clutch kit as a gesture of good will to over 100 cars that we knew of on the OC forum with the same problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88.5countach View Post
    Thanks guys
    Take your clutch assembly to these guys in Burlington;
    Home 905-639-7873
    They are the best AND the cheapest in my opinion.
    They can also increase the pressure of the pressure plate.

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