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Thread: Diablo questions

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    Cool Diablo questions

    Hello guys

    I wanted to hear if someone knows if the chassis plans there is out there are similar to the orginal chassis?
    And does anyone have some chassis plans?

    And a newbie question from one there only have worked with classic cars.
    How do you use a front engine in the back? What needs to be done for that.
    And what is a good diesel engine to use? (there both are cheap to repair on and realiable)

    Hope all the wizards comes out with some knowledge

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    The plans are available from Dale Van Blokland
    They are very close to the original.
    Putting the engine in the rear is easy. Some differences are longer A/C and heater hoses and radiator placement.
    The transmission is the big difference. You will need a 2wd Audi or modified Porsche to make it work.
    There is lots of info at on engine and transmission types.

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