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Thread: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

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    360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    the idea of building a ferrari replica sounds very cool, but i dont like the idea using a fiero chassis, buy the time you stretch, put new suspension, and upgrade the brakes and do everything else the cost works out about the same as buying a custom built chassis like the ones from, and your not limited as in using a fiero platform, how difficult would it be to mount a ferrari replica body on a custom built chassis? when done you would have a ferrari body on a racing chassis, if it could be done without breaking the bank you would have something that would perform as good as the real thing, am i being realistic or am i just dreaming, any ideas? thanks in advance, Beach

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    Re: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    Really, it's nothing more than what a lot of the Lambo guys do. Here's a link to a custom chassis at Lambo Lounge.
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    Re: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    I agree with the tube chassis concept EXCEPT.... it is much easier to RE-register a Fiero as a 'rebuilt', than try to register a custom build. And then, try talking to Insurance companies. With most Insurance companies, if there are no copies/spares (accident part items), they don't want to know you.
    Just my .02

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    Re: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    Of course, buying the right kit makes for a superior looking project WITHOUT cutting/stretching the chassis.

    What you do with the brakes is up to you

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    Re: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    i was more likely to use this one


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    Re: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    Theres that thing again,just how much do you have invested in that?

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    Re: 360 or 355 on Custom Chassis

    At DRM Motorsports we have a design for a tubular race style chassis that the original Fiero Tub bolts and welds to, for an awsome chassis that can still be registered as the Fiero donor. The best part is that the chassis is custom built to your specs. This way it is catered to the performance and suspension you are using.

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