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Thread: Connecting transmission on buttons?

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    Question Connecting transmission on buttons?

    Is it possible connect automatic transmission on buttons,Like ferrari,lambo,aston martin?

    and Is it possible to change the place of hand brake like Murci
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    the short answer. yes.

    the man to ask; murci-me

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    the buttons yes, thats old, i have that in my 38 chevy, but dodge was one of the fist ones to come up with back in the days

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    Yes, and the hand brake handle can be mounted anywhere you like it.
    Home Made Paddle Shift System - YouTube

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    I build a computer controlled Linear actuator to to allow push button shifting of a automatic trans check this link

    2012 11 08 11 00 32 980 - YouTube

    Joe Sokol

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    Hi Joe
    Do you make this for the factory fiero 3 speed automatic? I'd love to add this to my 355 replica

    How much do you charge ?

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    I can make one to control the TH125C. However the TH125C can't be setup to tap shift.\
    The basic model is $450.00

    Joe Sokol

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