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Thread: lifting molds from a real car without damaging paintjob/bodywork

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    lifting molds from a real car without damaging paintjob/bodywork

    Just wanted to get all your expert opinions on this before we start up some stuff learnt on the internet and totally whack the car.

    I have a neighbor who last year bought a Bentley GT coupe. I must say, it’s a stunning piece!!! I told him about the idea of replicars and he seemed open to the idea of recreating the car by way of getting molds and replicating them via FG.
    Can somebody point me to an instructional blow by blow of how were going to do this? and what is the time frame involved? We do not want to damage the Bentley’s paint and bodywork…
    Thanks everybody

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    Just shouting:

    "I want neighbours like yours!"

    . U

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    LOL v3003v, Did you hear about someone being sued by bentley.

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    its not an issue if you dont do it for commercial purposes

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    It is going to be difficult to do this without damage to the finish of the car. There is a thread here somewhere about this and using a silicone product to do it.

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    Pulling molds from an OEM car can be done without damage if you know what you are doing. If it were me, I would create splash molds panel by panel using a lot of wax and PVA. Then create fiberglass or foam copy’s to work from. You would then probably need to move the door openings, windshield and wheelbase around to fit whatever donor you were planning on using. After you completed all of that, pull your finished master molds and make your fiberglass body.

    It’s a lot of work and you will not learn all you need to know from watching internet video’s.

    With that said, I would stay away from producing Bentley products due to trademark and copyright infringements unless they are for your own personal use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcC8braman View Post
    LOL v3003v, Did you hear about someone being sued by bentley.
    a man that is willing to others take moulds from the car, is willing to let others to drive it....

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    Unless you already have a great deal of experience, which obviously you don't or you would not be asking, DON'T DO IT unless you are ready to buy them another Bentley.

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    Rent a hand held laser scanner that will digitally scan the entire car.

    Car scanning with Artec 3D scanner - YouTube

    Reverse Engineering: Design, Engineering, 3D Scanning, 3D Scanner

    Make any modifications digitally and pay someone use the file to carve a body from foam with a large CNC (typically $6k - $8k). Use the foam buck for pulling your master molds and those molds to produce parts. You would want to make sure that you also scanned all door sills and panel openings (hood and trunk) and include things like the dash and door panels so you have the ability to mill these parts also.

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    Soooo, where do you get your "typical" cnc cost numbers? Have you ever had anything cnced such as a full size car?


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