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Thread: Who has built their body themselves?

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    Who has built their body themselves?

    I have seen a few people selling the printouts and such for building your own body on ebay and other places. Has anyone done so and how difficult was it? Would you do it again? was it a significant savings over buying a prebuilt body? Does anyone know if the Reventon is available on CD to be built?

    I ask because I will be picking up my donor in the next week or two and really want to get the ball rolling on this build. Thanks much.


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    Hello, if my experience would be of help. Getting into this project, you have to be an enthusiast of whatever you are building. Get the blueprint Plan first (Google or
    In my own situation, I got the blueprint then enlarge it and scaled. I build a model and then started with the full scale model. Started it a year and a half ago and still filling it with foam and sanding it.

    Try youtube "building bailey blade"
    Bailey Blade Car Design | Building forms body buck - Part 1 - YouTube

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