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Thread: Countach Front Tire Differences

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    Countach Front Tire Differences

    :-\ I had previously posted the question as to whether anyone thought it would matter if we used a 225/60/15 on the front of a countach instead of the original 225/50/15. I had found the "60's" for $40 each on I ended up buying them and finally had them mounted on my compomotive rims. The rims ended up fitting perfectly as Allan said they would! The tires on the other hand were definately WRONG! I almost immediately called TireRack and ordered some "50's" and figured I would just be eating the 60's. Tirerack said to just send them back and I would be charged a 10% restocking fee. It ended up costing me $22 to send them back today via UPS. Here are pictures,,,,,you decide! ;D The front is obviously not lowered yet.

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    Re:Countach Front Tire Differences

    I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but you are right... 50's definitely look much better. Good thing you didn't have to eat the price. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re:Countach Front Tire Differences

    A Prancing Horse will ALWAYS back away from a RAGING BULL

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    Re:Countach Front Tire Differences

    definately the 50s, and the Armor all helps. get that thing lowered and really bring 'em out.

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    Re:Countach Front Tire Differences

    I was suprised to find (when I baught my tires) that tire size (hight and sometimes a little in the width) can very from manufacturer to manufacturer.This can very from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch mainly in the height.I would say it would be helpfull to get the brand name and size, when you see a quality kit.
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    Re:Countach Front Tire Differences

    Good point Bond,,,,,,,James Bond. has all the specs (more than anyone could possibly need) of each and every tire they sell posted with the prices. I know I'm sounding like I work for them or am getting kickbacks,,,,,,,,,,but I'm not. I returned the two tires and got a credit within about three days of mailing the things. And did I mention this was 5 months after purchase AND after having been mounted? When I originally ordered the tires, one of their salesmen actually called me to tell me that the 60's were not what was called for on the Countach. I was shocked someone called me! Good prices, fast service, that's what we,,,,,uh,,,,,,,,,,I mean those guys at the TireRack are all about! Later guys! 8)

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