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Thread: question for V8 fieros

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    question for V8 fieros


    I got a v8 in my fiero and was wondering how legal would be to drive the car with the v8 inside without reporting the engine change to the insurance, ministry of transportation,etc. my papers still say 4 cylinder fiero. But my car is a v8 328 replica. I'm wondering if i get pulled over, what the cop can do if he asks me to pop the hood .

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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    I dont believe owning a v8 is illegal :-)

    Besides .. pop the hood -- why in the world would he
    ask you do to that..
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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    Here in the states, It's definitely not illegal to change and not tell someone, although you might have a problem getting the "value" of the V8 out of your insurance. Incidently, my insurance thinks I still have a TBI 305 in my Firebird. Between you and me, it's a modified 350 with LT1 intake
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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    Insurance would be your greatest hassle if were ever in a wreck and needed to claim damages...they'd have paperwork showing a 4 cyl. and give you less $$$. But then again, that would be good news, worst than that is you having to replace/rebuild the 328 kit pieces!! :-X
    By the way, what's up with the QADS.COM website in your profile, do you have any pics of your 328 v8?

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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    no one cares. only if you drive like a idiot and you'll get pulled over by cops n they would take a peek at your emission stuff. (no cat.etc.) now like I said before if it is a Kit car register you can stuff anything in it and no need for emission test in Ontario, most cops are interested in how it was build and that gearhead stuff. and insurance check for my post later today. How I just lost or won 3 weeks of war with it I,ll let you decide.

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    Re: question for V8 fieros


    Thanks guys for the input. I will be getting my plates today and will try my luck with the cheap insurance . If you are under 25 like me ... it's the most affordable way to go (umm i also have a couple of minor tickets too). As far as the wrecking it goes... I'll take my chances... only got $6000 to loose (really really hope nothing happens tho ). This will be just temporary to get me driving the next couple of months and maybe a couple of months next year...

    XRacer > i am the part owner of qads..

    Now for the rest... here are the pics :
    Pics are a bit old... since those i removed the crappy antena & the truck side markers.

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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    I drove my V8 countach with the bare minimum insurance. My insurance company had no idea it was anything but a 4cyl Fiero. I was like 21 at the time and nobody would insure it for what it was worth. I called all of the specialty insurance companies. They all said they needed 10 years clean driving record or 26 year old driver. So I took a chance and got lucky (never wrecked it). I had no other choice.

    As for registration, they never really cared about that either. I had it registered as an '85 Fiero. They had no way of knowing what had been done to it.

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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    rockcrawl, I'm in the same situation as you were... just 2 years older.

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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    OK, the term for registering a v8 Fiero as stock is: insurance fraud. Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of insurance companies(though I do alot of work for them), but paying you less for your fiero if its in accident is not the worst that could happen.

    Simple fact is if they find out they'll call it fraud and use it to deny any claims. This means they won't give you any check for your "fiero." It also means they can use it to deny coverage for any personal injury claims. Paying more for insurance sucks. Paying a $50,000 judgment out of you own pocket sucks more. Depending on the circumstances they could also go after your parents/significant other to collect the judgment. Any claims under PIP or underinsured motorist will also be denied, so hope YOU'RE not the one who's injured.

    There is a difference between swapping in a 350 for a 305 vs v8 for v6. Swapping a larger displacment engine with the same block at least takes a least some work to figure out. Even the semi-trained monkeys at emissions stations (had more than one bad experience) can figure out a V6 or L4 shouldn't have 8 spark plug wires and 8 exhaust ports.

    Food for thought.

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    Re: question for V8 fieros

    Paying more for insurance sucks. Paying a $50,000 judgment out of you own pocket sucks more.
    I agree totally with everything you said, but sometimes there is no choice. I called all over the country and nobody wanted to take my money because of my age. The only choice I had was to insure a $30,000 car as a $3000 car, or never get to drive the exotic car I just spent two years building. When you're 21 there's no question, you drive the car no matter what.

    I'm older now and I'll never have to deal with that again, but for a lot of people this will always be a problem. It's a shame. They always said that driving a car is a privelage, not a right. I guess when they get to make the rules, they are right.

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