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Thread: Damage Estimate? Pictures

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    Damage Estimate? Pictures

    I know without seeing the car in person it's hard to tell.. But all guesses are appreciated.
    2009 ford focus 67,000 miles
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    If this is your car. Take it and have it aligned. That will tell you if there is damage to the sub frame.
    It must have been hit fairly hard to deploy the air bag.

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    probably 2600 low end 3600 high end

    radiator support would have to be replaced 360
    the driverside front frame will need to be pulled out 250
    hood 260
    fender 220
    bumper 220
    headlight 160
    grill 140
    airbag 100

    + labor

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    Airbag + 100? That would be the cheapest airbag I have ever seen. You need the airbag, clockspring, and controller (BCM likely). I'm ballparking it in the 5k range. It will all depend on substructure damage, and if you're using new or used parts. I don't think that if it was hit that high it would be transferred into the suspension, unless you open the hood and see the strut tower is back. Measure an "X" across one of the strut tower bolts, and something at the firewall area to see if it's out.

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    Thanks for the replies so far... This is selfish of me.. But I'm HOPING for a total loss. Some idiot teen hit me while texting. I'm super pissed off (obviously). So I'm hoping her insurance just totals it so I don't have that accident on the car facts in the future.

    sad Easter for me

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    I'd say definitely over 3k

    Sorry to hear that, hate those drivers who text!

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