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Thread: Fabricating a Retractable hood ornament...

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    Cool Fabricating a Retractable hood ornament...

    Hoping I can get good ideas how to fabricate the anti-theft ornaments similar to these 2008 Rolls Royce PHANTOM retractable hood ornament - YouTube and RR Phantom Spirit of Ecstasy retraction by key and by impact - YouTube , there's someone that already fabricated it on a Cadillac here but nowhere to be found for info 100_2262.mp4 Video by BUILTSC | Photobucket . Thanks for all useful info!

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    Easily built with two small motors with worms gears. The first motor and worm gear connects to the platform that holds the emblem and a second motor and worm gear that connects to a plate. A small controller that runs Motor one then motor 2 when key turns off and reverse when key turned on.

    My thoughts anyway.
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    Thanks for the input!

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    Or use shut down solenoids off a diesel stationary engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 917kit View Post
    Or use shut down solenoids off a diesel stationary engine.
    Thanks @917kit this is a really interesting route!

    The going up and down part seems to be the easy now its the opening and closing of the door that's still a headache at this point.

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    need a couple of micro switches the first one pulls back the cover and trips a micro which pulls the part down and them cut power to the cover micro so it closes.Need to work on ign when you turn the key off;.

    Ign on does the reveres or a power window winder on bell cranks turns 180 and opens hits a micro and closes then another 180 to reverse or find some one with electronics back ground to maybe set up a windscreen wiper motor control box.
    or ??? write a poison pen letter to your self and eat it.
    a lot of work for such a small action but that's what it is all about.

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    Appreciate the info! Hopefully a simple idea will come up. Thanks

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