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Thread: I have a few questions

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    I have a few questions

    I am looking to build a replica i can use 5 times a week to get from work and back (1 hour total a day)

    i was looking at these models :

    Ferrari F430
    lamborghini gallardo
    Lamborghini Murciélago

    Which one do you think would be cheapest to build? interior will be OEM
    how much would it cost to build? (UK)
    Does anyone know a good place where they could build one for me?
    do they cost alot to insure and are they safe to drive?
    what donor car should i use? i was thinking of peugeot 406 for Ferrari and Toyota MR2 for either of the Lambos
    would i need to do any major readjustments to the donor cars in order to start the build

    I have seen a Lambo Murci for £35k should i take that or build my own or get a workshop to build it

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    DNA Automotive for your Ferrari
    Spyder Sports Cars for your Gallardo

    Both companies are UK based and produce perfect products. DNA are faster at building and have the Ferrari replicas down to a science. Spyder will take a bit longer, but is a perfect replica of the Gallardo. Both can be driven daily, no worries.

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    Thank you, I'm going to look at each companies work and decide which one i would like. How much are SSC likely to charge?

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