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Thread: $10 LP640 Exhaust Tip Idea By Am33r

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    $10 LP640 Exhaust Tip Idea By Am33r

    I saw a pic of the Exhaust Tip online. So I measured it in relation to License Plate Dimentions. I came up with an approximate set of dimentions.

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    Then I added sides of the shape and it was something like 25".
    Devide that by Pi (3.14) and you get almost 8". So if we have a round pipe that is 8" in diameter we can bend it and make an exhaust tip out of it.

    I went to home depot and found a Pipe that is meant to withstand heat (Unlike the Fiberglass one by CKI).

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    I was going to bend it in a similar shape to the Exhaust Tip, but then I found something else there too

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    It measure 10+3+10+3 But after cutting and reshaping the opening it became 25". So I cut it and made this, and spray painted it Black

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    It has a 4" inlet so you can simply clamp it to an existing 4" outlet exhaust pipe. I bent it almost perfect in relation to the shape of the original exhaust tip and made it a hexagon with the dimentions:

    2" 7" 2"
    3" 8" 3"

    You can also Roll it's edge (Which I haven't done) And you can get a Black Wire Basket from Orchard Supplies and line the inside (Which I also won't do).

    It is more than a Professional-Looking Retail Item! It is functional and serves the purpose perfectly as it is a Heating Pipe, with a Universal 4" inlet, Black in Color, and Suitable in size an shape to the opening of the Exhaust tip which it resembles.

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    Good idea,but I'd worry that the exhaust heat will burn through it fairly quickly . Exhaust pipe is a lot thicker than the tin in metal ductwork. The chassis vibration may be too much for it as well.
    Also, did you use high temp spray paint like engine enamel? Otherwise it could burn and stink after you've run it for a while.

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    Thanks for the input

    Should the heat become less of an issue if this tip is pushed further up the 4" real tip much further? if we extend the round tip most of the way out as long as it is enclosed by this exterior tip. The real LP640 tip has visible round pipes inside the outside enclosure.

    Yes it is thin.. But This is not as thin as some duct pipes they have there - it should hold plenty of heat. The 8" pipe (I showed the pic on the shelf) seemed even thicker and they should be galvanized - making for a stronger alloy.

    I'll make one from a Thiker Pipe, I will also use Engine Enamel Paint. I was thinking this light tip will only attach to a 4" real tip - not sure how a chassis vibration will harm it...
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