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Thread: Anyone around Fort Worth TX?

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    Anyone around Fort Worth TX?

    Hey guys my name is ryley and I live in fort worth texas and was curious as to if there was any shops close to here building dream cars or regular cars even up for hire? An odd question I know, but I can't truly see myself doing anything but building or working on cars as a career, despite the lack of pay in the earlier years. I would be happy to detail and work around the shop while I learn the tips and tricks to building kit cars. I have been actively browsing the forums for about a year now, and without even having a kit car, it is a major passion. I'm 18 and although young, very charismatic about cars, and eager to work on them day in and out. I have not been on in a while by the way guys! how are the builds going?

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    Check out Lonestar Classics in Saginaw. They make cobras a mercedes convertible, and an old corvette kit. They're just north of FW on BUSINESS 287 just past Meechum field and loop 820. They used to rent hanger space at the local airstrip, but I think they moved to a new shop a little further north near avondale/hicks road.
    Lone Star Classics - Kit Car Replicas.

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