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Thread: steering wheel wobbles

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    steering wheel wobbles

    I hit a big rock today and punctured my tire I drove home on the tyre and the car drove fine. When I put on the spare tyre the steering wheel wobbles from side to side badly when I pick up speed. What could be wrong?

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    The new wheel might need to be balanced? Or the wheel is slightly bent; you may not notice it until you get up to higher speed.

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    That wobble is the sign of a bad tire, or bent rim. A slight vibration could just be an out of balance tire, but a violent wobble is a tire where the steel belts are separating on the inside and is not fixable.

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    The problem might be with your spare

    Put your normal wheel back on after the tire repair and see if you still have the wobble

    You may have bent a suspension. Piece

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