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    Smile Just to say hello

    Hello everyone,
    I found this forum a couple weeks ago and I loved it instantly. The first thing that stroke me was how the peoples are so friendly and helpful with other user that they even don’t know and how the car replica world can be unifying .

    I am from Montreal Canada ( please forgive my bad English) and I will soon move in Ottawa Ontario. I heard about the possibility to install a Lamborghini body kit over a Fiero chassis in the early 90’s. From then the Lamborghini became my dream car. Unfortunately, I was inexperienced, too young and the internet was nonexistent. So I do mechanic school and I forget about my dream car until I saw a lambo replica for sale two mounts ago. Then, I do some research on the internet and I found this forum. I saw a lot of great build for any kind of budget then I tell to myself my dream car was not completely death. Thank you guy for waking up my dream! LoL.

    I figure after all, now I have skill in mechanic, body work and I have a bigger budget then 20 years ago so why not. I start to ask some questions to some people on this forum . One of you, Mitch ( MDMurcy2) tell me “ask a lot of question” so do I. I ‘am doing my homework for the past four weeks and my research doing good. I still have a lot of questions but I think I will always have some since there is multiple way to do the same thing.
    I will ask you some questions and if I ask something that was already posted in the past I am sorry about it. I did and I still doing a lot of research but it is possible that I miss something so please forgive me.
    What I want to do is using the G28 body kit from CKI unless you guys know a kit builder close to me in Canada? I want to take a Fiero as a donor car since I believe the G28 is easier to install on a Fiero than on the MR2 + the MR2 are unaffordable in my area. I also want to swap for a 4.6L North star or a 4.8L LR4 with a manual tranny. I know V8 Archie has a kit for this purpose but like I said I’m far from them and I probably can find most of the parts I need to match up the Pontiac G6 6 speed manual tranny with the V8 here in my area. I just need to know what parts do I needs. I send a message to Fieroking but unfortunately he didn’t reply. I tought maybe one of you can share is recipe of what you did. What is good and what is no good.

    I will also need some advices regarding a wide suspension kit for the Fiero. It is still far from now but better prepared I will be, less surprise will pop in my face. There is so much conversation about what Fiero model should be used than it make it difficult to fallow.

    I know about the 97% who are not finishing their build but I am very stubborn and like I said I am really not in a rush so I have plenty of time to do my homework to be as prepared as possible when the day will come to start my project.

    I know I will do some mistake so feel free to comment and share your ideas. I will consider every advice with great attention since you guys are all much more experienced in the replica car world then I am. Even a bad comment can be a good advice.
    Since I will start in a couple of mounts, I will not post any picture now but as soon as I start anything I will post and keep you informed of any development. Buy the way, I saw the build of some of you and your work are amazing. I wish I could leave close of your place just to watch you working on your build.
    Thank you for letting me steal a bit of your time
    I wish you all a great day
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    First of all , do you have $30k+++ to invest in this ? If not stop right there, because the reason so many people never finish their build is they think "oh I don't have $30k now but I can save as I go along ".

    Then after they have spent $15-20k and they realize another $20-30k is going to be needed, they give up. These aren't cheap cars to build , if you don't easily have the money its not something you can save up as you go along , etc

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